10 Top-High Mountain Tea of Taiwan
The 10 Best High Mountain Tea
3 Unique Teas of Taiwan
3 Taiwanese Tea Original Varietals

Snow of March
Tong Yen mountain Oolong Tea

Ancient Baking Taiwan Oolong Tea

All Heart - Oolong Tea
Silky Sachet (tea bag)

- High mountain Oolong Tea
- Eastern Beauty Tea
- Jasmine Oolong Tea
- Osmanthus Oolong Tea

頂級十品 台湾高山茶
台茗三絕 台湾の3ユニーク銘茶
三月雪 四季風味茶
東眼山 高山烏龍茶
古法炭焙 高山烏龍茶
心意 - 烏龍茶

- 高山烏龍茶
- 東方美人茶
- 茉莉花(ジャスミン)烏龍茶
- 桂花(キンモクセイ)烏龍茶

3 Unique Teas of Taiwan

In the 1980's, 3 taiwanese tea varietals were selected breeding and cultivated in Taiwan, it is strain of Oolong tea.



四季春 烏龍茶
内容量 :100g / 缶

Four Season Oolong Tea
Availble in : 100g / Can



This tea cultivar is productive, and it could harvest every seasons even in early spring and end of winter; that is so-called four seasons oolong tea and it is also called "su-gui-a" in Taiwanese.
It had been discovered in 90's, natural hybrid, tea planations are spread over 400 meters above sea level in Nantou. The liquor smells with special flower aroma and full-bodied, combined with the taste of oolong tea and the fragrant of green tea. This tea ferments in low temperature, it is suitable for enjoying it in every seasons.


翠玉 烏龍茶
内容量 :100g / 缶

Jadeite Oolong Tea

Availble in : 100g / Can



In 1981, The Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES) had developed one Taiwan tea cultivar called TTES No.13 (also called "Jade" ), It is extended and grown from 硬枝紅心(Hard Stem Red Heart), straight tea structure and sprout with a little purple.
The tea plantation is located in over 400 meters hight mountain in Nantou with light fermentation. the character of this tea is "fragrantly-filled".
The liquor smells like jasmine, osmanthus and ginger lily, the taste is heavier than JinXuan oolong tea and the aftertaste is strong and sustained. It is popular among tea lovers.


金萱 烏龍茶
内容量 :100g / 缶

Jinxuan Oolong Tea

Availble in : 100g / Can



TTES No.12, is also called "JinXuan", had been developed by Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station (TRES) in 1981. Tea leaves are oval shape with dark green. the tea plantation is located in Nantou with over 400 meters high above sea level.
The character of this tea is that after fermenting, it will produce natural milk aroma. it tastes fresh, sweety and full-bodied, specially well received by ladies and young generation.

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