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Ancient Baking Taiwan Oolong Tea

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頂級十品 台湾高山茶
台茗三絕 台湾の3ユニーク銘茶
三月雪 四季風味茶
東眼山 高山烏龍茶
古法炭焙 高山烏龍茶
心意 - 烏龍茶

- 高山烏龍茶
- 東方美人茶
- 茉莉花(ジャスミン)烏龍茶
- 桂花(キンモクセイ)烏龍茶

Ancient baking Taiwan Oolong Tea
Net Weight : 75g±5g / Can
古法炭焙 台湾高山烏龍茶
内容量 : 75g±5g / 缶

Special select the hand picked fine tea from 1200 M high mountain area at Taiwan. Beside of the excellent tea processing to make sure the tea quality , our export who use the ancient hand baking techniques to enrich the tea with the unique and special flavor which not exceed all of tea.

The special technique will select the fine Longan tree charcoal to be the material for baking our tea.
Use the mild heat after the fire end for the process in order not to have any bitter flavor upon on the tea.
In order to control the quality, we can have very limited quantity on each baking, our expert use his experience to control the timing for stirring the tea leave according to the temperature and tea fermentation change.

The whole process will spend at least 150 hours in order to make our tea enable to keep the unique gentle smell and sweetness flavors and to be free from the over heat bitter and smoke smell which the other baking tea has.
This is definitely the best chose for the Oolong tea lovers.




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