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Snow of March
Tong Yen mountain Oolong Tea

Ancient Baking Taiwan Oolong Tea

All Heart - Oolong Tea
Silky Sachet (tea bag)

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頂級十品 台湾高山茶
台茗三絕 台湾の3ユニーク銘茶
三月雪 四季風味茶
東眼山 高山烏龍茶
古法炭焙 高山烏龍茶
心意 - 烏龍茶

- 高山烏龍茶
- 東方美人茶
- 茉莉花(ジャスミン)烏龍茶
- 桂花(キンモクセイ)烏龍茶

三 月 雪 - 東眼山高山烏龍茶 四季風味茶
内容量 : 各 150g×4 缶


Snow of March - Seasoning selections
Availble in : 150g x 4 Can
三 月 雪 - 東眼山高山烏龍茶 四季風味茶
内容量 : 各 150g×4 缶

This special selection is from our in house plantation at Tong Yen mountain. We specially select from four seasons harvest, in order to have completing selections and tasting for the professional tea drinkers. 
All during the year, the plantations areas are mostly covered in clouds and fog, so the tea plants get limited sunlight. As a result of these environmental factors the tea is a rich emerald- green color when brewing. This is indeed one of the most elegant teas from Taiwan. The best are from Spring and Winter harvest, but the tea from Summer and Autumn are also with the special flavor.

Spring TEA ( Pink ) : From Beginning April to End April; The tea bug come from the long winter time, so will best flavor and enrich of the smell and sweetness.

Summer TEA ( Green ) : From Beginning of June to end of July. The tea grow at the hottest season in a year, the growing speed is faster but with the bitter flavors. It more suitable to make the tea with more fermented to reduce the bitter flavor.

Autumn ( Gold ) : From Beginning Aug. to End Aug. The weather cool with drier air, which make the tea with stronger smell.

Winter( Blue ) : From End Oct. to Mid of Nov., The weather is with lower temperature and short sun shine covered, which make the tea grow at very slow space. The tea grow in this season is rich with the sweetness.


春茶(桜の色): 収穫時期は4月初旬から下旬、この頃の気温は新芽の成長に最適であり茶葉の発育も良く、味も香りも濃厚です。


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